For over 40 years The Vineyard has been happily "turning beginners into experts". We are proudly locally owned and operated.  Since 1983, no matter what level of winemaker or brewer you are, we have enjoyed working with you to enhance your experience.

 As our staff are award winning winemakers and beer brewers themselves, they are always available to share their expertise and experience.  We are here to help you choose your wine, guide you through the process, and share the joy of your success as you ultimately enjoy the Wine and Craft Beer culture!

 Beer is not just beer as the current Craft Beer phenomenon has proven. You can make and enjoy Belgian Fruit Beers, Wits, Weizens, European Lagers, English Ales, Bitters, Stouts, Porters, Bocks and more.

 Our comprehensive supply of hops, grains, malts, and yeasts to make any style, along with our knowledge of the process will get you well on your way.  We are and always have been Calgary’s number one supplier for home brewers.