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More New Brewing Products at The Vineyard

Posted by Tom, May 28th, 2011 | 0 Comments

New Beer Brewing Products

by Neil (our Beer Geek)

First and foremost, my most exciting news is for hop heads. I have managed to get my hands on a limited supply of Falconers Flight pellets.  

Here is the official word, also now reported on the Hopunion LLC Facebook page, regarding the blended pellet Falconer's Flight:

"Hopunion LLC Falconer's Flight™ is a proprietary pellet blend comprised of many of the Northwest's most premier hop varieties including the highly acclaimed Citra™, Simcoe®, and Sorachi Ace along with experimental hops and numerous other NW varieties."
- Partial proceeds benefit the Glen Hay Falconer Foundation that awards a scholarship every year to a Northwest brewer.

Alpha is 10.5 and this is an excellent 2 way hop. Dave Neilly, at Wildrose, has used this hop in a few of his past casks and I believe it is also in the AF23 Pale Ale seasonal. It was also a popular hop in several casks that I had during Vancouver Craft Beer week including an amazing Red Racer Cask.

 We have expanded the line of 5 star chemicals to include larger format Starsan (16oz), Saniclean (16oz), Super Moss, and 5.2 ph stabilizer.

For those of us that do yeast starters, we now have stirplates and Lab Grade Pyrex Erlenmeyer 2L flasks

For those of us that keg, I am expanding our parts selection and have found a supplier for taps, shanks, drip trays and other bits and pieces to convert that fridge or freezer.

In the up and coming department, I have ordered in some Nyoprene Keg insulators and Ice blankets for those interested in taking their kegs out to a picnic. They keep your beer cold for up to 24 hours.I am working on a refillable paintball based Co2 system that you will be able to get filled at the store.

Also, if all goes well, you might start seeing a lot more brewing tools such as mash paddles, brew kettles and other essentials in time for the fall brewing season.

Brewing things keep changing at a rapid pace and it is being driven in a large part by you our customers Thank you for your enthusiasm and support.

Only at The Vineyard.

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