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Beer Gear Back in Stock and a New Item or two.

Posted by Neil Bamford, June 10th, 2011 | 0 Comments

In the new department The Vineyard has brought in a universal C02 regulator protector. This kit fits all the single head regulators we sell and virtually all others. Like everything at The Vineyard if this kit does not work on your regulator we will take it back and hopefully find you what you need.

For those of us that have pin lock (coke) kegs I have been able to source a 3/8 drive socket plug. This socket has notches in the side for removing the posts. Something you should do every time you empty your kegs so that you can clean it properly.

Now back in Stock just in time for the summoer are the Johnson Controls Analoge temperature controllers. These are fully wired and ready to go, you simply plug the unit into the wall and plug your fridge or freezer into the controller. Put the sensor in the compartment area then set the desired temperature on the controller. The set point differential is preset so that you do not put undo stress on the compressor by cycling on and off. I have two of these. One on an old fridge that I use as a fermentation chamber and one on an old hand me down freezer for lagering and keeping my 6 kegs of beer ice cold.

For those of you that have kegs we are stocked back up with sanitary keg lube. You should clean and lube your seals everytime you clean your kegs. This helps stop the seals from drying and cracking and also makes it easier to push on and remove your disconects. It also promotes a better seal on the lid.

Finally we are back in stock on the 355ml brown crown seal beer bottles (not twist off). The are sold in cases of 24. These are new glass.

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