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Wine Yeast Choices at The Vineyard

Posted by Neil Bamford, September 3rd, 2011 | 0 Comments

It is wine making time at The Vineyard. As you get prepared to make this years wine there are many yeast choices out there. This article will tell you a bit about the different yeasts we carry, what they are recommended for and how to properly pitch the yeast.

Lets start off with the most familar which is dry yeast. The Vineyard carries 4 Lalvin strains; Bourgovin RC212, recommended for producing red wines of smooth character and rounded structure. D-47, recommended for producing superior white wines. K1-V1116, recommended for producing wines from grapes and fresh fruit. EC-1118, recommended for producing all white wines, sparkling wines and ciders. It is also very good at restarting stuck fermentations. For further details on the yeasts click here

Extensive research shows that the yeast cell wall is very fragile during the first few minutes of rehydration. Some of the components of the yeast are going from a dry crystalline form to a gel like state and can go through this transformation successfully if rehydrated properly. With rehydration water at lower temperatures the transformation from crystalline to gel is less successful, the cell wall becomes porous and leaches out vital parts of its insides. Rehydration in 60°F water can result in a loss of 60% of the yeast viability. Rehydration in distilled or deionized water is lethal to the yeast. The cell walls require the presence of some minerals, sodium, calcium, magnesium and or potassium, during rehydration. Tap water at 250 ppm hardness is optimum. Calgary tap water is ideal for yeast hydration. Rehydration of dry yeast cultures is a quick and simple process that ensures you a sizable pitch.  Dissolve the dry yeast in 50 mL (2 oz) of warm NOT HOT water (40°- 43°C / 104°-109°F). Let stand 15 minutes without stirring, then stir well to suspend
all the yeast. Add to previously sulfited must. The yeast should not be kept in the rehydration medium longer  than recommended.)

 Liquid Yeast cultures are a staple of the professional wine making business and are starting to catch on with the home winemaker due to their superior fermentation qualities. While considerably more expensive that dry yeast they are more style specific. At the Vineyard we have long history of providing Calgary brewers with Liquid yeast Cultures from Wyeast. We fly the yeast in from the lab located in Mt Hood Oregon in specially designed coolers around twice a month to ensure a fresh supply. In the fall we also bring in select liquid yeast cultures for Winemakers as well as Malo-Lactic cultures. Malo-lactic Culture packages contain a live liquid suspension of Oenococcus oenii grown in a sterile organic juice based nutrient medium. Malic acid reduction will balance and soften wine while enhancing flavor and aroma characteristics including vanilla and buttery notes. 4007 Blend (blend of ER1A and EY2d cultures) will provide rapid and complete malic acid reduction in wine over a broad spectrum of conditions. ER1A, an excellent choice for red wines, has been isolated for it’s tolerance to low pH coditions. Ey2D has been selected for it tolerance to low cellar temperatures. Malo-lactic conversion is generally completed within 1-3 months.

We carry several liquid wine yeast in stock. Click here to see what we have in stock today.

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