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Calgarys only Brewing Center

Posted by Neil Bamford, October 4th, 2011 | 0 Comments

Its no secret that the Vineyard South beer geek loves to make beer. To make great beer you need fresh top quality ingredients and equipment. For the past year the geek has been dedicating a lot of time sourcing specialty hops and grains from around the globe. Soon the new crops of hops and grains will be on the market and again the beer geek will be hounding his suppliers to ensure that Calgary brewers get a chance to purchase ingredients locally.

The Beer Geek has also endlessly been trying to get top quality brewing gear into Calgary to support the growing need for hardware. Attempts to bring Blichmann product to Calgary so far have not worked out but discussion with John Blichmann are ongoing. If you think Calgary should have a Blichmann dealer in Calgary let John Blichmann know by clicking here and leaving a comment on his website.

The Vineyard South Brewing Center has managed to team up with several other suppliers this summer and we are starting to see some of that product arriving at the showroom. Boil Kettles are on display and we will be taking orders and doing monthly orders. False bottoms, wort chillers and kettle accessories such as sight glass, dial thermometers and other accessories will be stocked as demand indicates. Thermowells, / ball valves, kettle screens, Fermentap LCD thermometer strips (36f - 78f), syphon spray wort aerators, counter pressure bottle fillers are all part of the now regular stock. Most importantly the beer geek has finally found a reliable source of used soda kegs and you can expect to see them on sale in the showroom once I get a chance to clean out the soda and referbish them.

In the coming weeks and months we will have Magnetic pumps and new 9L kegs and conical fermentors among other goodies that are in the procurement process but assured of delivery at this point. Keep an eye out here for more information or better yet drop by the showroom and chat with the beer geek himself.

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