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The Power Carboy Cleaner

Posted by Tom, October 19th, 2011 | 0 Comments

 This is Wine Geek certified. We received 2 samples of this product which staff were given to test. That was six months ago and the staff loved them so much that I had to order more just so I could have one to use.

The least volunteered for job in our wine study group was cleaning carboys. It has always been a wet, cold in the winter, unrewarding necessary chore that everyone tried to pass along. The long handle brush was the only thing available to get the major part of the residue off the sides of the carboy but the area which narrowed to the neck remained a major problem. We bought three of your cleaners and are happy to report they do a great job. Our carboys are like new again, sparkling clear and ready for reuse. Thanks!

Dr. Robert Stellato
Eqwine Vineyards Wine Study Group - Redding

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