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New Beer Gear In stock

Posted by Neil Bamford, April 13th, 2014 | 0 Comments

We have been out of stock for some time on the Round 10gal cooler mash tuns. We found a good supplier and now have them back in stock with two models to choose from to suit your budget. The budget model has a bazooka screen for a false bottom where as the deluxe model features a full 12 inch round false bottom which dramatically increases the efficency of your brewery. Click here to see more on them.
On the New items front we have 5LB C02 cylinders. They are Transport Canada approved and are brand new and sold full. When you buy your C02 Cylinders from The Vineyard we have a swap program in place where you can simple pick up a full one for the cost of the fill plus 5 bucks that goes toward the re-cerification. This means you never have to worry about the date stamp and the hassles of re-certification. We also sell full 20oz cylinders  for those that enjoy a very portable C02 source for camping, BBQ's and picnics as well as 20lb refurbished and full. Again they are part of our exchange program as long as it was purchased at The Vineyard.Click Here for more info on our C02.
The 8USG Economy Brew Kettles are back in stock and we expect the 5USG ones in the next week or two.

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