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Posted November 17th, 2009 | 0 Comments

Whether on Facebook, Twitter, or via good old-fashioned conversation, we spend a lot of time sharing things that are important in our lives with family and friends. From the latest pictures of our children and grandchildren to tall tales of holes-in-one, we all have things we enjoy “showing off” to those around us. If we have a great meal at a new restaurant, or see an exciting new movie, we tell our friends so that they may enjoy it as well. For those of you that have been making exceptional wines with Winexpert, your knowledge and experience of winemaking is a fantastic thing to share. Your outstanding wines of quality are a fraction of the cost of premium store-bought wines. All Winexpert’s products have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, ensuring great wine, every time. Share your winemaking experience with your friends that have never made wine before and bring them to your local Winexpert Authorized Retailer to show them how fun winemaking can be. There are many ways you can enjoy winemaking with friends, such as organizing food/wine pairings and informal tastings/competitions together or trading and sharing the wines you have made. You can even make wines together and submit them to competitions such as the WineMaker International Amateur Wine Competition and win a medal for yourself. Great wines, great friends, great lifestyle – now that’s something worth sharing!

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