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Covid -19 Update for March 26

Posted by Neil Bamford, March 26th, 2020 | 0 Comments

In addition to our rigorous sanitation regime we are happy to assist customers that wish to have a contactless  transaction with our store. You welcome to call or email us 30 to 60 minutes in advance to place your order which our staff will get together for your arrival. You can pay over the phone with a credit card and we will put your reciept with your order. When you arrive you can either pop into the shop to get your order or call us and we will run it out to your vehicle.

Fridays is Co2 fill day at the Vineyard. In these rapidly changing times we realize that you maybe concerned about leaving your Cylinder at our shop in case we are forced to shut down.
Fridays will still remain our day to fill customer cylinders however rather than having to get them in prior to closing on Thursdays and picking up on Friday after noon, we will accept and fill while you wait between the hours of 10AM to 4PM. If we can not fill right at that moment while you are shopping for other product we would has that you wait in your car if there are more than 2 other customers in the shop and we will run it out to you as soon as it is filled.
Remember that your tank must have a valid date stamp of 03/15 or later for us to be able to fill and we will only be able to fill 5 and 10 pound tanks due to our limited supply of gas.
One of the reasons we ask to have cylinders dropped off during the week is so we can ensure that we have enough gas to service everyone so going forward if your comfortable dropping them off during the week we would appreciate it. Remember if you have a cylinder that was purchased at The Vineyard you can do a swap for a full tank at any time or day we are open for a small additional fee.

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