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COVID-19 March 29 update

Posted by Neil Bamford, March 27th, 2020 | 0 Comments

 For the time being  our hours will remain the same however we are unable to have the showroom open and must move to contactless sales and curbside pick up. So effective Saturday March 28 you will need to either email us your order at or call us to place your order. As we are a single line phone business we highly suggest an email for your questions and orders and one of our staff will call you back on another line to arrange payment, answer question, let you know price and availability or work out substitutions.

Once we have your order together, which at this point is  less than 1 hour, we will let you know the order is ready for pickup. If your calling your order in you will probably pay at the time of ordering as we will ring it in the till and run your credit card through at that point. When you arrive for pickup please proceed to the rear of the building, our loading dock is on the west side directly behind the building and not at the side door. Give us a call at 403 258 1580 and we will decide if you just want your order placed on the loading dock for you to pick up or if you wish to have our staff bring it to your vehicle. The open sign will be on when we are at the shop however the front door will be locked so please remember to go to the rear of the building for pickups.

Over the next week we will endeavour to get our website up to date on exact varieties of hops, grains and kits we have in stock in our online section so please bear with us as we try and fit that in while still taking care of everyone's day to day needs. Still always best to call or email us as it is a manual system. We do offer online shopping to some degree but do not offer fixed or free shipping at this point. We do not ship glass products and have found that shipping wine kits rather expensive as we do not have a relationship with a courier company. Again this is something we will look into and hope to have a reasonably priced and timely delivery service in place shortly.

We will continue to support those customers that have Vineyard purchased swapper Co2 cylinders. If you are just doing the swap with no additional purchase you can just call us when you arrive and we will do the transaction over the phone. If you have additional items that are required please call or email in advance so we can get it together for you before you arrive and settle the bill.

For customers that have a cylinder that is not one of our herd you can drop it off anytime during the week for filling on Fridays. Please do not drop off Cylinders without contacting us and ensuring it gets taken into the shop by a staff member. We can not take responsibility for any cylinders left outside unattended so remember to call us when you arrive so we can get it while you are still there. Call us so we can put a label on your tank and take your payment.

 We will also do a fill while you wait in your car if you show up and call us between 11am and 4pm on Fridays and Saturdays during this crisis. We may run short on gas for  drive up fills so it is still best if you can drop off before Friday if you need to be sure of a fill. 

For those that have pre ordered the WineXpert LE kits we have been told that while they are running about a week behind there is no need for concern at the moment of not getting them unless the governments mandate otherwise. As per usual we will contact you directly when the April kits arrive and at that point those that were prepaid can just show up at the rear door and give us a call when they arrive and we will put on the dock or by your vehicle when you arrive.

As we are all sailing in uncharted waters here we please have patience with us as we realize this new way of navigating is going to have a bit of rough water while we get used to the course changes that are probably going to happen several times over the next few months. We will do our best to help you and provide you with guidance and service that we always have as we work on streamlining and speeding up the simple tasks that have now become somwhat complicated without a showroom.

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