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April 4th Update

Posted by Neil Bamford, April 4th, 2020 | 0 Comments

 First off thank you to everyone that has had to deal with us as we rejigged processes to run a homebrew shop. You support has been no less than stellar with nothing but understanding and patience as we work together through these turbulent times.
So far supply lines are holding up so we can keep our commitments to our customers and keep providing you with the vital ingredients to overcome the present situation. We are a tight knit community of Brewers, Vintners, spirit makers who come together in times of crisis and help each other out.
I cant think of a more fitting thing to say now other than to quote the Great Charlie Papazian who is more well know for his homebrewing book The Joy of Homebrewing rather than his work as a Nuclear Engineer. "Dont Worry, have a homebrew"
Oh yea and dont forget to wash your hands and support your local businesses. We will survive and then thrive if we look after ourselves and then those closest to us. Together we will rebuild the brave new economy.

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