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Cold Crash Your Beer

Posted by Tom, February 1st, 2023 | 0 Comments

Tips from The Vineyard:

Cold Crash Your Beer -

Cold crashing is simply the process of rapidly dropping the temperature of your finished beer before you bottle, keg and carbonate it. Typically temperatures are rapidly lowered to just above freezing, and this is done after the beer has reached its terminal gravity. Cold crashing historically was developed from the cold aging (lagering) process associated with lager beer styles, but it is now commonly used commercially for many ales. Cold crashing will improve the clarity of the finished beer but also has the significant advantage of reducing the aging time needed which is why it is used on many commercial beers. Dropping the temperature of your finished beer will aid in the flocculation and settling process. It will help yeast, proteins and polyphenols to settle out of the beer more quickly and will reduce the required aging time. A compact sediment layer results in less waste when ready to bottle. In addition, cold crashing can improve your beer clarity.

For our detailed article on Cold Crashing click here

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