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Keeping a Wine Journal

Posted March 3rd, 2010 | 0 Comments

There is a large demand on the market for wine accessories. From stemware and decanters to bottle racks and aerators, they definitely all serve their purpose but one of the most useful of all of the accessories on the market is a wine journal. Wine journals can be a very handy tool for any wine enthusiast from beginner to expert alike. The reason being is that it's so easy to forget the details of wines while you are tasting them, remembering names, ages, those that you enjoy and also importantly, chronicling wines that you did not for whatever reasons. There is much more to keeping a wine journal than simply keeping track of your likes and dislikes though, particularly when you consider just how advanced the wine journal has become and in its advancement, has made this task much more easy to achieve. Take for example the new wine journal from the wildly popular Moleskine line. 

Moleskine has recently come out with a line called "Passions". The Passions line includes specialized journals for a number of passionate people such as music enthusiasts, film buffs, foodies and wine lovers. We are talking about so much more than a plain old blank journal though. As Moleskine puts it, "The Wine Journal is your ideal wine cellar on paper." The wine journal contains a variety of desirable features and is extremely customizable with theme based sections for detailed noting on all aspects of white wines, reds, rosé, sweet wines, sparkling wines and spirits. There are also 6 tabbed sections to further personalize the journal and 10 blank pages for additional notes. There are several adhesive tabs to customize your experience as well as a wine glossary and measurement and conversion chart. The Moleskine wine journal is full of categories that will make your wine journey more simplified, organized and even that much more enjoyable.  

For further information on the Moleskine Passions Collection visit

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