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Posted June 24th, 2010 | 0 Comments

Winery tours can be a terrific experience for any wine lover interested in informing themselves more so in the behind the scenes heart of it all. Winery tours are a great way to witness the stages of the art of winemaking from the very beginning and Summer is the perfect time to take up a winery tour. After all, these tours are educational, fun and a fantastic way to spend a sunny day surrounded by all of the phases that bring us the beauty of wine.


Winery tours generally consist of guided tours from an expert from the winery examining the vineyard and giving a history of the winery. Your guide will explain what happens in every stage of the winemaking process at their winery and explain the region in which you are exploring. Then there is the tasting room where a number of the wines produced by the winery can be sampled. Many wineries also cater to dining by providing an on site restaurant, making it an excellent way to enjoy various food and wine pairings as well.


There are various tour packages available so a winery tour is something that should be planned ahead and the internet is a great resource to do your research. For example, from private to group tours, some wineries offer a quick tour that can last about 30 minutes but there are much more intensive tours including half day tours, full day and even overnight stays that take you to several local wineries providing a very in-depth feel about the regions you are enjoying. While you may witness a similar practice of the winemaking process at each winery, every winery has its own complexities therefore you will gain valuable insight at every different tour in every different region.


Winery tours have so many options to choose from offering an elaborate adventure or a relaxing affair. They are certainly a must-do for anyone with a passion for wine.


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