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Beercation 2012

Posted by Neil Bamford, June 12th, 2012 | 0 Comments

Its no secret that I will travel far and wide to try a new beer or get a chance to hang with or brew with other brewers. 2012 will see NHC (National Homebrewers Conference) happening just down the road in Seattle Washington June 21-23 and as I have several meads and ciders that made it to the 2nd round in the AHA beer competition (which is judged at the conference) I thought why not venture down there to meet up with 1800 of my fellow homebrewers.After consultation with Mrs Beer Geek it was decided that we should start the beerventure with a beercation in Oregon the week prior as a bit of a warm up for NHC. So without a reservation in place we loaded up the truck and headed south. In the days to come I will endeavour to blog about the places I visit and the beers that I drink on the lead up to NHC. Mrs Beer Geek has to get back to her day Job a few days prior to NHC so to overcome the loneliness I have enrolled in a couple of preconference beer events to keep me busy.

It is my hope that I will blog about some of the great places I visit and the many beers that I will sample along the way. Once in Seattle I hope to give daily updates as to the goings on and presentations that I attend. If you are interested in my goings on in realtime I can be followed @cowtownbeertwit where I tend to fire out pics of what I am drinking or eating or seeing much more frequently then I am writing about them here.

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