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Hopped Mead from our Friends at Fallen Timber Meadery

Posted by Neil Bamford, August 3rd, 2013 | 0 Comments

Something new from our good friends At Fallen Timber Meadery. This was my first taste of a hopped mead and I must say I was very impressed. It is a traditional mead of which a bit was drawn off and boiled much like a beer with a hopping schedule that produces about 25IBU's of bitterness via Chinook hops. It was dry hopped with Cascade hops which provide a citrus note and combined with the mead the overall aroma is this wonderful vinous Riesling type aroma.
On the palette this lively and sparkling beverage offers up honey flavor and sweetness that is somewhat floral followed by that wonderful fruit and citrus. The bitterness takes a minute or so to kick in to round the experience out and leave you wanting another sip.
Considered a session mead, this baby checks in at 7.5%ABV of which you would never know without looking at the label. There is no alcohol warmth or heat so this one drinks real easy so be careful.
The Ryan family in Water Valley produce their own honey (well the bees do) and have been introducing Albertans to several styles of meads that they hand craft on the farm for a few years now. If you try their product, enjoy it and feel the urge to craft some of your own stop down and see us and we will help you along in your mead making adventure.
Thanks to the advice and help of the Ryan family, Beer Geek has become somewhat of a Mead geek, wining Mead maker of the Year in Regina and Edmonton this year as well as claiming medals for several styles such as Melomel, Sweet Mead, Pyment, and Braggot.

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