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Learn to Homebrew Day 2015

Posted by Neil Bamford, November 19th, 2015 | 0 Comments

Together with our Beer Geek, Jonas scrounged up some left over grains and some old Belgian Amber syrup that had turned to rock candi to come up with a Dubbel style beer that brewed up to demonstrate using the over the top Blichman Tower of Power and 3 burner brewing stand. To the right Yeast Wrangler Corey Clayton went to work on a Brown Ale using nothing but a camp burner, kettle and a large sack to do a BiaB (brew in a bag) style of brewing. On the left Yeast Wrangler member Chris VdP worked on a competition beer for the Ribstone Creek Old Man Winter Porter Homage in a rig called The Grainfather which is essentially a souped up coffee urn with a temperature controller and a pump.

In previous years we have suffered through rain, snow and cold windy winter conditions this year was a treat. The weather was well above freezing and not a cloud to be seen. As fate would have it this year there were only three of us brewing and we all were able to squeeze up on the loading dock and be inside with big door open. The last 2 years we had about 10 brewers braving it out in the elements as you can see in some of the pictures in the gallery.

The past couple years the beers produced on the Vineyards Blichmann system have spend some time in the barrel and I have no doubt the same fate awaits this beer. It will be an interesting twist on a classic style. As our Beer Geek also seems to have this love affair with Brettanomyces it would not be a surprise to see it get dosed with a little funk prior to kegging.

Two years ago Jeff Orr of Tool Shed Brewing colaborated with our Beer Geek on a killer Stout that spend time in the bourbon barrel. This beer is drinking wonderfully now. Last year saw Ben Leon of Dandy Brewing joining our Beer Geek doing and Olde Ale that spend time in the Rye barrel. This beer is ready to drink now but will continue to mature for at least a few more years if it lasts that long. It was great to see the Dandy Brewing lads again at this years event who were there to chat with homebrewers and brought along some special samples to share with everyone.

The homebrewing culture is growing in leaps and bounds in Alberta and a big thanks is due to support of home brewers turned pro over the years who give back to our community and involve us in theirs. Thanks to Jonas Hurtig of Wild Rose Brewery for spending his day off from making beer for a living to make beer with us and hand out samples of some of the creations that the team of brewers create up in Foothills Industrial Park.

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