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TopTier Stand and accessories

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TopTier Burner Tier


Blichmann Engineering has done extensive testing and tuning of the TopTier burners, regulators, orifices, and wind guards to maximize efficiency and improve flame stability outdoors. The result is a burner that is whisper quiet, uses less fuel, and heats significantly faster than any similar burner on the market (72,000 BTU/hr)! It is also virtually impossible to flame-out in windy conditions. Add to it the simple things like the ability to safely support a keg, pot safety retaining bars, a hole in the frame for burner ignition, a quality adjustable regulator (for fine tuning your flame) and stainless braided hose, and you have the ultimate brewing burner. This is not a free-standing unit; it needs to be bolted to the Top Tier stand. The burner does not come with mounting hardware, you must use the mounting hardware that came with your Top Tier. Do not use more than 3 of any combination of burners or shelves. For operation on natural gas expect 15% less power and 15% longer heating times due to the lower BTU content of natural gas vs. propane.

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Tower of Power Dual Controller mounting kit


Allows mounting of 2 control modules to the tower.

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