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New Eclipse WineKits with Skins vs Selection International Kits with Skins

Posted by Neil Bamford, November 20th, 2012 | 0 Comments

With the launch of Winexpert’s much-anticipated Eclipse series, you may have questions about the differences
between Eclipse and Selection International – especially how to differentiate between the grapes skins kits,
given the price point and quality position.
Grape skins aside, there are some basic points where the two product lines differ, for red and white wines.

Appellation and/or vineyard designated
(ie, Stag’s Leap, Marlborough)
Highest varietal juice content
18 litres total kit volume
For customers who want to make the best
wine, in any time frame, regardless of cost

2nd-highest varietal content
16 litre volume (non-skins)
18 litre volume (skins kits)
For customers who want excellent quality in
a medium-term time frame, willing to pay a
premium for great value

When we take a closer look there are a few more points to consider other than geography and price. These are the details that will help you determine which product fits your lifestyle as well as your budget.
Eclipse with Skins:
Eclipse grape packs contain 2 litres total volume of 100% of the same varietal used in the juice. This gives them
the maximum level of extracted flavour, aroma, tannins and body of any kit Winexpert has ever made. In
addition, the kits contain 16 litres of varietal juice and concentrate.
This kit is for the winemaker looking for the ultimate. While Eclipse wines do drink younger than other wines in this
category, they do not show as well young when compared to Selection International. The whites need six to
nine months to open up and reds between 12 and 15 months, and both will hold precisely as well as a $20-$30
bottle of commercial wine in a good cellar.
To reiterate, Eclipse does drink acceptably well when younger than this (3 months minimum), but to drink
them young is to lose the potential for greatness that they can display when truly ready. For the winemaker in a
hurry, the better choice may well be Selection International.

Selection International with Skins:
Selection International grape packs contain 1.6 litres of varietal grapeskins. The grapeskin pack enhances body,
mouth-feel, tannin and colour over regular Selection kits, while not unduly extending the ageing period. These
will drink well soon after bottling (again 3 months) and will improve on the same scale as regular Selection
International, needing 6-12 months to fully open up while improving and holding for two-plus years under
good cellaring.
When the winemaker is willing to spend a little more for a more intense, flavourful red wine, but isn't ready to
wait too long to taste the results, this is the kit for them.

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