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Food Pairings

Posted by Tom Corbett, November 27th, 2009 | 0 Comments

The Christmas Season is upon us; dinners, parties and social gatherings are the best time to share and enjoy your fine handcrafted wines.

Wine and food are a natural combination. But there really is no need to stress over the pairings (the Season already has enough stress).  The simplest rule to remember is that there is no rule. All food goes with wine.

Traditionally we paired fish with white and red meat with red wine. But I’ve really enjoyed a glass of Pinot Noir with roasted, fried or BBQ chicken and especially any style of salmon.

Just keep in mend the impact food can have on wine and visa versa. For Example the tannins in red wines really help balance the fat content of meats and cheeses. The acidity in white wines will balance out the sweetness of creamy and rich foods. The slight sweetness along with acidity in ‘off-dry’ whites really balance and enhance spicy foods.

So it is up to you – do not be afraid to experiment. One of my classic favourites is chocolate with port, actually even with any red wine.

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