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Burners, Spoons & Mash Paddles

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Stainless Steel Mash Paddle 30"


Having problems stirring your mash? Not with this new 100% Stainless Steel Mash Paddle! At 30 inches long, this paddle is perfect for most any size mash tun. The paddle itself is a solid piece of stainless steel - plenty of holes to ensure your mash breaks up and balling does not occur

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Stainless Steel Spoon 24"


Made of a heavy duty FOOD GRADE stainless steel.
Longer than other stainless steel spoons.
Has a pointy end and is hard to bend.
Perfect for mixing and stirring.
Handle of the spoon fit all The Vintage Shop PET Carboys.

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Bayou Classic Cast Iron Burner SQ14


The SQ14 cooker uses a medium-power 6 inch ring burner. The stand is 13 inches high with 16 inch square cooking surface. Includes a 5 psi regulator with stainless wrapped hose - you supply a standard propane tank.

The 6 inch burner runs lower power flames but has more individual orifices than the 4-inch ring burner. Although the maximum power is lower, this 6 inch burner runs quieter and is more controllable at the lowest flame settings. That makes it a good choice if it will also be used for cooking. At full blast it can theoretically pump out 60,000 BTU. More conservative test methods rate this burner at 40,000 BTU.

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Bayou Classic KAB4 Banjo Burner

Banjo burners allow you to spread heat over a larger surface area and run a lot quieter than the standard 4 inch burner. This is the burner our Beer Geek is always raving about when it comes to bang for the buck.
With a wide 16” x 16” cooking surface and a strong, stable design, brew outdoors to your hearts content with this Classic Banjo Cooker. Designed to support large stockpots from 14” diameter up to 100-quart.
• Designed for Large Pots Up to 100-Qt (min 14" diameter pot)
• 16" Large Cooking Surface
• 12.5" Tall Welded Steel Frame
• 10" Cast Iron BG14 Burner
• 48" Stainless Braided Hose
• 0-30 PSI Adjustable Regulator
• 360º WindScreen Protection
• Minimum 100,000 BTUs
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Bayou Classic KAB6 Banjo Burner 210K BTU

The KAB6 cooker uses a maximum power 10 inch cast iron burner. The stand is 13 inches high with an 18 inch surface capable of supporting 40 gallons. Includes a 30 psi regulator and extra long 4 foot hose hose. You supply a standard propane tank. The KAB6 will hold a 55 gallon drum!
The 'Banjo Burner' is named for the huge cast iron heart of this boiling machine. This is the most power you can get out of a portable propane tank! Excellent flame distribution and high burn efficiency. There's nothing to lose with this top-of-the-line cooker.
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Wooden Mash Paddle 28"


Our mash paddle has a very smooth, sanded finish but is oil free so as not to transfer any foam killing oils into your beer.  Small circular hole at top of handle allows for easy hanging in your brewery.  Paddle is 28" long, and is great for 5-20 gallon batches.

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Blichmann Burners and Accessories

Natural Gas Conversion Kit


Easily convert your your Burner or brew stand to run on  your house natural gas. Includes NG orifice and needle Valve

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