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Bourbon Barrel Chunks

  • essencia Bourbon (500 gram)
    Made from a blend of fresh barrels from the Jim Beam, Jack Daniel’s and Wild Turkey distilleries. These chunks produce bourbon of a taste and quality previously not available to the Craft & Artisan Distiller now make your own bourbon in one week.
  • Bourbon Ale or Stout

Use the bourbon chunks to add flavor and depth to your favorite Brewing recipe of ale or stout.

  • Smoking Your Favorite Meat on BBQ

After making your Bourbon you can use them to smoke your favorite meat such as Pork or Beef Ribs,

Makes approx. 9 26 oz / 750 ml bottles of premium Bourbon at a approx. cost of $3.40 per bottle.

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Fermanagh Whiskey


Fermanagh Whiskey – a smoky peat single malt. With a uniquely smooth and fully rounded flavor, this Irish whiskey will appeal to the connoisseur.This whiskey ages brilliantly.

Flavors 2250 ml of alcohol or make 3-750ml (26oz) bottles of your favorite spirit.

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Liquor Quik Activated Carbon (500g)


Acid washed stone carbon for use with the CarbonSnake or other ethanol tube/siphon purifier

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Universal Carbon 195g


Treats the product of one 25L wash

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Walkers Whisky


The authentic worlds most  popular taste of Scotch Whisky with subtle oak and peat notes originating in Kilmarnock, Ayshire of Scotland known for its bold, full character taste.

A 28 ml bottle will flavor 2.250 litres (76.1 Fl Oz) of neutral spirit/vodka making 3 – 750ml (26 fl oz) bottles.

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Whiskey Barrel Chunks


Made from a blend of fresh barrels from some of the worlds finest whisky distilleries.

  • Produces whisky of unmatched quality and character.
  • Will produce 2 x 1125ml (40oz) bottles of finest quality whisky in only one week
  • Use again to produce a furhter 2 x 1125ml (40oz) bottles of good whisky in three weeks.
  • These Chunks can then be used a third time, soaking 2.3lt of spirit for 5-6 weeks, then adding a bottles of  essencia Whisky flavor to produce another 2 x 1125ml (40oz) bottles of great whisky.

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