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Draft Cleaning supplies

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Brush Long Draft line cleaning brush 3/16 -1/4" ID


A brush everyone should have. Clean out any 3/16" ID beer line.

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Line Cleaning Kit With Metal Pump - 4"


For your line cleaning needs! Prevents build up of bacteria and residue, to ensure your next brew tastes the way you intended.

Simply attach the cleaning kit to your faucet, add your line cleaner and it is ready to use.

  • Includes:
    • 1L bottle
    • 4" metal pump
    • 3/16" hose and coupling nut for all standard shanks and towers
    • Standard faucet wrench
    • Double ended brush
Temporarily out of stock

Short Faucet & Tap Cleaning brush


1 inch brush on one end 1/2 brush on the other end.

Temporarily out of stock

Taprite Gravity Draft line Cleaning Kit


Clean out those dirty draft beer lines! Beer flavor gets funky when your tap, line and faucet are filled with gunk. We recommned that you ideally clean your lines after every keg. Our kit comes with a 1 qt hand pump that pushes Beer Line Cleaner  through the whole system. Faucet gets removed and cleaned with the included faucet wrench and brush. A must have for cleaning draft systems because life is too short to drink bad beer.

Cleaning your beer lines prevents the build up of bacteria which causes "off" flavours.

Temporarily out of stock

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