What directs Pricing at The Vineyard?

Retail pricing plays an enormous part in the consumers perception of quality, at the Vineyard we can not and do not attempt to match 'discount' pricing some of our competitors practice. In today's Calgary retail market our overhead budget is stretched to the limit. But The Vineyard will continue to be Calgary's leading wine and beer supply retailer as we have been for the last 28 years. Our products come from some of the finest grape producing areas in the world. Our kits are produced using 'leading edge' technology by the industry leading manufacturer. Therefore we can promise you the highest quality wine kits with your 100% satisfaction guaranteed. You will be proud of your handcrafted wines made from The Vineyard. We believe our customers deserve the best service, the most knowledgeable staff and the highest quality products.

Do I really need to use the meta bisulphite?

Some people believe that they are allergic to sulphites, and want to leave them out of their kits. True sulphite allergies are rare, and if someone has a reaction to drinking wine, it’s usually due to some other cause such as a reaction to the tannins in red wine. Of course excessive consumption can cause undesirable effects too. During fermentation the yeast makes sulphites so no wine can ever be sulphite-free, no matter what. Sulphite is there to help prevent oxidation and spoilage. You should stay away if you are truly sensitive to it, but ask your medical experts before you eliminate it from your winemaking.

Bottled Water - is it better?

You can turn water into wine. Water is certainly an important part of wine. A lot of the higher end wine kits do not need much water addition. However if you are adding water you need to know that it should be good water. By good water I mean that it has lots of minerals and oxygen all of which are important for the growth of the yeast cells. It is also important that the water does not contain any bacteria etc. Calgary water is very clean and has lots of the necessary minerals - so I use it right out of the tap. If you can drink the water it will be good for winemaking - if it has a odd taste so will your wine. But if you are using water which is suspect - by all means buy bottled water. Use bottled spring water not distilled which really contains no oxygen or minerals.

If you have a question please don't hesitate to contact us.