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Only 9 more sleeps until Santa comes!

Give the gift of wine making.

Now is the time to start your friends and family making wine with our customer referral program. We offer great rewards for both you and our new customer who you referred to us. Ask for details at either store.

Last Minute Gift Ideas:

Under $20: Corks, labels, shrink tops, cork screws, wine saver pumps and many more.

Under $50: Beer kits, Nuance wine aerators, hand corkers, wine bottles and more

Around $100: a huge variety of Wine kits, Wine/Beer making Equipment package and more

Gift Certificates for any amount you want.

The deadline for ordering our 2011 Limited Edition series wine kits has passed but we did order a few extras – so if you forgot to order call now before they are all gone.

Serving Your Holiday Wine

Almost all wine served in North America is served at the wrong temperature, which impairs flavour and deprives the drinker of the full expression of its character.

White wines should be served cool, but not too cold. At 10-12°C (50-54°F) fruit and crispness are at their peak, but at colder temperatures, bouquet and flavour nuances begin to recede, and the wine goes numb.

Most restaurants hold their white wine in reach-in coolers, most of which also hold beer or soda, and they’re kept at 4°C (38°F). If your wine arrives as frosty as this, it’s perfectly acceptable to ask the waiter to let it warm up before serving it. If you’re not able to wait a half hour, have them bring an ice bucket of warm water, and hold the wine for five minutes to take the chill off.

Red wines should be served at cool room temperature, but not warm. At roughly 18-20°C (65-68°F) fruit becomes more evident on the palate and in harmony with the tannins. Served too warm, red wines will seem “hot” (high in alcohol) and flabby, with poor fruit/tannin balance. If you are served a red wine at this temperature, go ahead and ask for an ice bucket—don’t be embarrassed or worried: if you’re paying for the wine you can do anything you want with it. Hold it in the bucket for five to ten minutes to take the edge off the heat and taste it. 

 We are Continuing Our HUGE 25% off Sale in December

When you buy a Vintners Reserve series 4 week wine kit at the regular price you will be able to purchase a second Vintners Reserve series for 25% off the regular price. This is a great opportunity to try these premium 4 week kits. Click here to see the great wines available in this offer.

Then drop in to either location today and add these great wines to your cellar.

Holiday Hours at The Vineyard

December 24th  closed Early at 3 pm

December 25th CLOSED

December 26th CLOSED

December 27 to 30th Regular store hours

December 31st closed Early  at 1pm

January 1st CLOSED

Merry Christmas

from all the Staff at The Vineyard

Please Remember to Drink Responsibly

And DO NOT Drink and Drive


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