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Winners: Only at The Vineyard

Winner of the 2010 “Win Your Order Free” contest: Rodger Conner of Canmore AB. Rodger is a customer at our South store.

The draw for a Free Limited Edition held at our annual Food and Wine Tasting evening was won by: Sandra Meadows-Taylor. Sandra is a customer at our North store.

Thanks to everyone who entered by purchasing three or more of the Limited Edition wine kits.

Winner of the North Vineyard Wine Guild raffle draw: Diane Plishka. Diane chose a Selection White Merlot and she is an active member of our North Vineyard wine Guild.

Limited Edition 2010

We have just received the January offerings: Australian Shiraz/Viognier and the Pacifica White.

If you had ordered either or both of them (you should have received notification by now) please drop in and pick up your order.

If you missed the deadline – do not worry; we were able to source a few extras! Please contact either store NOW before they are all gone. Click here for details on the featured wine kits.

Beer Making: Only at The Vineyard

Handcrafting your own brew either from scratch or from one of our premium beer kits is very satisfying! We are seeing a huge increase in the number of people home brewing this year.

Only at The Vineyard can you access the largest inventory of grains, malts, hops and liquid yeast in Calgary. We also stock a good variety of Baron’s Beer kits and Brew House Premium beer kits.

We have lots of new and exciting Beer Equipment in stock. Drop into the South ‘Brewing Centre’ or visit us on the web, look under the ‘Beermaking’ tab.

We are proud to sponsor the Cowtown Yeast Wranglers beer club. The club’s annual Home Brew Competition is just in a few weeks. In fact, we have the best and largest inventory of what their members need to brew and even compete in many International Brewing Competitions. Check out their web site at:

The Vineyard Wine Guilds

Our very own Wine Making Clubs.

The North Vineyard Wine Guild is holding their annual Christmas/New Year’s Potluck Dinner tonight, January 11. My wife and I are attending and look forward to good company, good food and of course great homemade wines.

The December meeting went well, if I do say, as I was invited to attend and talk about bottle closures. We discussed the history of corks and their pending demise. There are lots of alternatives to stop the wine from ‘falling’ out of your bottle and we talked about some of the more popular.

The North Vineyard Wine Guild meets on the second Tuesday of each month at the Silver Springs Community Hall. If you are interested in joining this very dynamic, educational and social group of wine enthusiasts, please contact either George or Bob at the North store.

The South Vineyard Wine Guild: The next meeting is Tuesday, January 18th at the South store. The Guild meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month and is accepting new members. Please contact Henry at the South store.

Tom’s Tip of the Month

What constitutes a defect bottle of wine?

There are essentially four things that constitute defects in a bottle of wine such that you do not want to serve to your guests.

A wine is said to be corked when it has come in contact with a contaminated cork during the aging process. The results of this contamination are almost always unmistakable: The wine will smell like a wet basement after a flood or dirty socks left in the hamper a little too long: mouldy, nasty and not at all enticing to the taster. On the palate, it will be astringent, lacking in fruit, with a raspy finish. Sometimes you may even notice a paint-thinner quality.

Oxygen is wine's invisible enemy, and when a wine gets exposed to air, it becomes "oxidized." The result is flat, lifeless wine that loses its pretty, vibrant fruit scents and tastes insipid -- it will likely remind you of vinegar. The trained eye will also often notice a certain dullness in the color. In whites, it can be light to dark yellow or even brownish.

When one says a wine is "madeirized," it has been literally baked. It actually tastes like Madeira and is reminiscent of almonds and candied fruits -- admirable qualities in dessert wines but unacceptable in dry wines. You may also notice, in the unopened bottle, that the cork is pushed partly out of the neck (due to expansion).

Occasionally, some residual, dormant yeasts will wake up, and a wine will undergo a second fermentation after it has been released and shipped. This manifests itself as effervescence, or fizziness, on the tongue. 

Happy New Year from Tom and the Staff at The Vineyard.

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