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Spring - has, is, will or should arrive soon?

That certainly seems like a multiple choice question this year in Calgary doesn't it?

 Along with arrival of crocus flowers, pussy willows and green grass The Vineyard is expecting some exciting new products:

Twisted Mist - Fermented Adult Beverages (FABs)

It's time once again to get Twisted! Following the highly successful introductory launch of Twisted Mist last year we have decided to bring them back. Returning will be the popular Mojito and a reformulated Strawberry Margarita (not quite as sweet this time), also joining Twisted Mist will be new Lime Margarita and a Margarita combo-pack that produces 15 750ml bottles EACH of Lime and Strawberry Margarita. All three Twisted Mists will be available in the first week of April.

Check the new web site for Twisted Mist

Barons Lime Lager

No Spring would be complete without a light easy to drink beer. Last year we introduced Barons Lime Lager for the first time and it was a big success, this year we are bringing it out earlier for consumers to enjoy right from the beginning of the season. Barons Lime Lager is a refreshing American Light-style beer with a bracing splash of pure lime flavour and a crisp zesty finish. Barons Lime Lager will be in our stores the first part of April.

Selection International Spanish Rosé 

Last year we decided to take a break from Spanish Rosé and we had so many e-mails from customers saying they missed their favourite summertime Rosé, that we are bringing it back for another season. Winexpert Spanish Rosé is a luscious combination of Spanish red and white grapes, including the silky and seductive Tempranillo, creates a perfect Spanish Rosé that should be enjoyed while young, crisp and refreshing. Selection International Spanish Rosé will be available April 11.

Coming Soon

Estate Small Lots - Last year’s program was such a big success we are once again introducing two new Small Lots varieties this May. The 3 Continents Meritage White and 3 Continents Meritage Red will only be available in very small quantities for a limited time, so don’t miss this rare opportunity to add  these two fabulous wines to your cellar. Both of these wine kits will be available in May. Contact us now to get your name on the list.

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Tom's Tip

Aerating is probably the most important thing you can do when serving your wine. There can often be a hint of sulphur, which does not necessarily mean the wine is bad – in fact it dissipates very quickly. In the old days we would always recommend ‘decanting’ your wine, which would release most odours and of course leave any sediment behind. Young wines will soften their tannins and express a bit more aromas after an hour’s decanting.

As well as using a decanter to let your wine 'breath', there are a number of other devices to do this – we used to sell the Vinturi aerator. That one really worked well and it was a great conversation piece. But it was a little awkward as you had to hold over the glass while pouring the wine through it.

Now there is a new pourer that aerates your wine as you serve. It is inserted right the bottle – so you do not have to hold it over your glass – and it also acts as drip stopper too. We have placed an order for some of these – watch for them coming soon to The Vineyard. In fact if you want to watch one in action now: click here to watch the video.


Tom and the vineyard staff 


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