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Our Brand New Website:

It is with great pride that we have launched our brand new web pages. Please explore them and discover a wealth of winemaking information, lots of recipes and resources. We are still adding materials, in fact it will be an ongoing project. We want to ensure our web and it's information is current and useful. There is a RSS feed on the home page to let you know when new information is published.

We want to know what you think about the new website and this new look for our newsletter. If you have any comments please use our NEW email addresses (please add them to your address books):

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We will be following the World Cup soccer from South Africa. To help celebrate we are featuring a 10% discount on Selection wine kits from three of the countries:

  • June wine kits from France
  • July wine kits from Italy
  • August wine kits from Australia

Twisted Mist kits:

Now is the time to start one of these 'fermented Adult beverages' just in time for summer (if we ever get summer).

  • Mojito Cocktail
  • Strawberry Margarita Cocktail

The kits each makes 30 bottles and from start to finish they are ready to drink in just 4 weeks. Just image a glass of ice filled with one of these cool and refreshing cocktails - on the deck or at the campground - mmmm!


Tom and the Vineyard staff

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