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Father's Day

June 17th is a very special day when we honor our Father. Here are some famous and not so famous quotes and one-liners:

"Being a great father is like shaving. No matter how good you shaved today, you have to do it again tomorrow."

"A father carries pictures where his money used to be."

"Dad Wisdom: Good health is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die."

"Dad Wisdom: I believe no problem is so large or so difficult that it can’t be blamed on somebody else."

"Dad Wisdom: Half the people you know are below average"

“By the time a man realizes that maybe his father was right, he usually has a son who thinks he’s wrong.” — Charles Wadsworth

 "Never raise your hand to your kids. It leaves your groin unprotected." - Red Buttons

Many of us are also fathers and we have wishlist too. Instead of the usual Father's Day gifts we have some special items at The Vineyard:

For the beer making Fathers: Beer Gadget Specials: (Limited quantities)

       i.      Stir Plates 20% off

       ii.      Keg Parkas 20% off

       iii.      Keg blankets 10% off

       iv.      Johnson temperature controllers 10% off

For the wine making Fathers:

The Artfulwine maker is the PERFECT gift. No more heavy carboys to lift. Perfect size for a condo or apartment. Perfect on the kitchen counter. Special Father’s Day offer of $110 for both the system and a wine ingredients kit of your choice. (regular price is $150)

Check out the videos on our website: click here

French Rosé - Seasonal Release Limited Release

A crisp, off-dry rosé from Southern France. An extremely food friendly wine, the pairing possibilities run the gamut from light salads to spicy meats from the grill - definitely a wine to keep well-stocked and ready all summer. Serve chilled. Available for a limited time only. Now $4 off.

Alcohol by Volume - 11 - 11.5%

Sweetness: Off-Dry | Body: Light-Medium | Oak Intensity: None 

Twisted Mist Hard Pink Lemonade/Lime Margarita
Combo Pack - Limited Time Only!
Limited Release

Hard Pink Lemonade

Don't be fooled by the pale pink hue - this Hard Pink Lemonade packs a punch. Fresh lemons mix with notes of pink grapefruit and candied peel, and a light sweetness softens the lemon pucker making for an easy-drinking treat. Serve this cooler-style drink ice cold on a hot afternoon.

Lime Margarita

Tart lime and tequila flavours form the base of this classic margarita. A touch of sweetness offsets the sour citrus but still leaves that zesty lime explosion. Enjoy over crushed ice.

Alcohol by Volume 12.5-13.5% Sweetness: Sweet | Body: Light | Oak Intensity: None

 Now for the month of June (while quantities last) 10% off the regular price.

What is It

Last month in our newsletter we featured a 'can you identify the item in the picture' contest.

Nobody correctly identified it has a carboy wedge. Used to incline your carboy while syphoning wine or beer. Allowing you to maximize the racking and minimize the sediment carry over.

We sell the Carboy wedge for only $2.95.           A great little Father's Day gift.

2011 Limited Edition Kits

We were able to source extra 2011 Limited Edition series wine kits. If you missed out or want to get some of these fabulous additions to your wine cellar drop in and pick one up NOW.

If you had ordered and have not picked up yet, hurry in because we are letting them go first come first served.

Absolutely The Best Beer Festival in Calgary

The Vineyard is proud to assist the Foothills Hospital Burn Unit by selling tickets to the 2012 CamRa Beer Festival. June 16th 1pm to 4pm at AmsterDamRhino, 607 - 11 Ave SW. There will be door prizes and lots of beer sampling, local and not-so-local. Beer sample tickets will be available for purchase at the event. Tickets are $10 and are on sale now. Proceeds benefit the Calgary Health Trust in support of The Foothills Hospital Burn Unit. 

If you like craft beer and Scotch this event is not to be missed. As well as casks and kegs of local suds from the likes of Wild Rose, Big Rock and Brew Brothers there is always a good bunch of other brewers such as Grizzly Paw, Alley Kat and other from around the province. There is always a good showing of bottled product from around the Globe and some of the finest Scotches available this side of the pond.

There are raffles every 5 minutes and in my experience the only ones that don't go home with an armload of swag are the ones that did not buy a ticket. This is the only local Beer Festival that our Beer Geek goes to that he does not complain about something. Tickets are limited so the venue is not overcrowded. You generally only have to wait in line at one of the stations for a minute or less to get a drink and they have plenty of bathroom facilities for the number of patrons. Better still there are no obnoxiously loud bands playing so you can actually talk to the brewers/suppliers and other fellow beer geeks without screaming at each other. If the weather is nice the roof is off the patio and there is no better place to enjoy a beer than the Amsterdam Rhino patio. In a nutshell this event is truly a beer drinkers beervana and it supports a great cause.


Beer Geek wins more Medals in Vancouver & Edmonton

May was a busy month for the Beer Geek as he and his fellow Cowtown Yeastwranglers battle it out to be one of Canadas home-brewers and the best Home-brew Club. After the dust had settled on Vancouver and Edmonton the Beer Geek was in sole possession of 8th and club mates Iain Morrish and Jeremy Cowan are in 5th and 7th places respectively. The club as a whole is rock solid in Second place over all. There are still 3 competitions to go (Victoria, Montreal & Ottawa) before the results are finalized and the winners announced in September.

In Vancouver there were 272 entries judged and the Beer Geek managed to pull off 3 medals, a Gold for his Bamnation Roggenbier and Silvers for both his Bamnation Kolsch and Bamnation Winter Spice Ale (a modified Brewhouse kit). Fellow club member and customer Iain Morrish a gold for his English Brown, Silvers for his Scottish 70 and Bitters and a Bronze for his Mild. Based on his last name I would not say this was suprising. Customer and club mate Keith Uyeno pulled down a bronze for his Steam Beer and Jeremy Cowan pulled down a pair of Silvers with his Barley Wine and his Wood aged beer.

Our Beer Geek does it again and brought home 7 medals last week in the Edmonton Annual Home-brew competition. There were 277 entries to this competition. He earned a Gold for his Belgian Strong Ale (and an invite to Masters Championship of Amateur Brewing), Silvers his Bretted Belgian Dark Ale and American Pilsner (a dry hopped version of a Brewhouse Pils kit) and a Bronze for his Berliner Wiesse. He also swept the Mead category, taking Gold for his Shiraz Pyment, Silver for his Stout Braggot and a Bronze for his Bamnation Cyser. This is the second year in a row that our Beer Geek has swept the Mead Category in Edmonton

Congratulations as well to Jeremy Cowan, his wood aged beer earned a Gold and Best of Show. He also earned a Bronze for his Cream Ale. Cowtown Yeast Wranglers have won Best of Show twice in the past 3 years.

Bulk Packaging of wine

For several years now the staff at the Vineyard has been packaging our homemade wines into mylarfoil bags. MylarFoil bags are used in a wide range of industries which require moisture and oxygen barriers to ensure product integrity. Polyester film, ('mylar') when laminated to aluminum foil provides additional barrier properties. These are the same bags that are used in retail bag in box products and when packaged properly your product stays in top condition for several years.

The Vineyard carries the 4 liter size MylarFoil bags and we have a choice of a either a plastic or a cardboard box for storage and dispensing. The most obvious advantage to packaging in this method is the time savings in cleaning, sanitizing and filling of 750ml bottles. 6 bags and your whole batch is packaged rather than 30 bottles. There are also cost savings realized as glass has become very expensive not to mention the cost of a corker and corks. Each bag comes with a closure and dispensing spout and they are easy to clean and reuse. The most important advantage is once you start dispensing your wine it stays fresh as no air is going back into the package like what happens with a wine bottle. This means that your product stays fresh for months once you tap a bag. I am still drinking my Selection Estate Cabernet Sauvignon that I opened at Christmas dinner and it is still as good as the day we started drinking it.

Wine kits 10% off for June

Vintners: White Zinfandel and Riesling

World series: Chilean Merlot and French  Sauvignon Blanc

Chai Maison: Pinot Noir and Pinot blanc

Bring Home the Gold

Cheer on our Olympic Athletes in London with Gold winning wines from The Vineyard. Try out these medal winning wines at 10% off:

• Selection Specialé Millennium Sparkling

• Selection Specialé Cab Franc Icewine Style

• Island Mist Strawberry White Merlot

• Island Mist White Cranberry Pinot Gris

• Selection International Italian Montipulciano

• Selection International Italian Pinot Grigio

• Selection Original Liebfraumilch

• Selection Original Pinot Noir

Breaking News:

This  years sees the return of Chocolate Raspberry Port and a new Chocolate Orange Port. For more information and to order (these are a pre order product only) please follow this link to our website.

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