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July at the Vineyard

Yeehaa it is Stampede time again. I will keep this month's newsletter short and to the point as we should all be taking advantage of the the short summer that we get rather than reading emails. To that end I will just remind you that the pre-orders for Port are due on August 3 and update you on the July sale items. Thanks to for the Photo.


Chocolate Raspberry Port

Hugely popular last year, this wine is bursting with rich, intense flavours and aromas, has traditional Port character of warm, rounded cherry and plum, supported by a racy zing of bright raspberry. Perfumed and gently tart with luscious liquid chocolate, beguiling with dark, bittersweet aromas of coffee and vanilla. Toasty hints of oak guide the way to a long, rich finish. Excellent within three months, this wine will age gorgeously—if you can keep any that long!

Food pairings: Delicious on its own or with any dessert, or serve with toasted nuts or shortbread.
Oak: Toasted Sweetness: 7 Body: Full Alcohol by volume: 15% - 16.5%

Chocolate Orange Port

This year it will be joined by a Chocolate Orange Port. This intensely flavoured Port-style dessert wine is full-bodied and rich, with complex aromas of bittersweet dark chocolate, with ripe orange and marmalade flavours. Excellent sipped in a comfortable chair by the fire, it is also brilliant with nuts and cheese, or drizzled over vanilla ice cream for a completely decadent after-dinner treat. Ready to drink within 3 months, Chocolate Orange Port will age for several years, evolving and showing complex layers of flavour over time.

Food pairings: Delicious on its own or with any dessert, or serve with toasted nuts or Cheese.
Oak: Toasted Sweetness: 7 Body: Full Alcohol by volume: 15% - 16.5%

These ports are available by Pre-order only so follow this link and reserve yours today. Ports will be delivered in September and you pay for them when you pick them up.

 For more information and to order (these are a pre order product only and orders must be submitted by August 3 2012) please follow this link to the order form.


Olympic Summer Sale Continues

Month 2 of this three month sale features 6 more  medal award winning wines. From the Ultra Premium Selection Estate Collection we have the Lodi Ranch 11 Cabernet Sauvignon and the Sonoma Dry Creek Chardonnay on sale for 10% off and if you purchase both (or two of either one) we will also include a reusable Bottle Bin that holds 12 bottles of wine.

In the Selection Premium International lineup we are featuring the  New Zealand Pinot Noir and the German Muller Thurgau. In the Premium Original series of wines there is the USA Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc. For more information on these particular wines click on the names for more information.

Other Sale Wines

For the month of July we will feature the following wines at $6.00 off the regular price.

 Chai Maison are the entry level brand. The 7.5l kits make a full 23 liter batch. Easy-drinking, early maturing wine in only 4 weeks. In Red is Vieux Chateau Du Roi and in White we are featuring Sauvignon Blanc.

Vintners Reserve is the industry's original 28 day wine kit. 10l of pure varietal grape juice and grape juice concentrate from Washington State and California. In Red this month we are featuring Cabernet Sauvignon; Deep ruby, with black currant and cedar on the nose.

The White we have this month is Sauvignon Blanc; The flavour is full and dry, with a fruity, herbaceous character, which finishes crisp and clean. A versatile wine which handles a wide range of herbs, spices and flavourings.

World Vineyard are great wines from around the world. 10l of pure varietal grape juice and grape juice concentrate from some of the finest growing regions in the world. This month we feature Italian Barolo; Medium in body with a luminous dark cherry colour. Rich, spicy fruit and delivers the true character of the grape and land.Burly, assertive ‘chewy’ wine, it is not for the faint of heart, but for those seeking intensity and complexity.

This months White is  Italian Pinot Grigio. Though dry in character and with a pleasant zip of acidity, this Pinot Grigio shows off a pleasant floral fragrance and tremendous fruit flavours.


Breaking News

We have just received our first shipment of Brewhouse Octoberfest Kits. Normally these limited edition kits go for $50.00 but if you use our web coupon you can save $5.00 on your first kit during the month of July (subject to availability). These kits are here only for a short time so get yours while you can.                                                                                                        Technical Data
Bitterness: 22IBU
Original Gravity: 1.050-1.052
Colour: Golden / Copper
Malts: Munich,Crystal
Hops: Hallertauer - Bittering & Aroma

Well that's it for this month. Don't forget to get online and order your port kits. We will do the sterile Must pails again this year so look for details in the September 2012 edition of the newsletter. Tom Neil and the staff wish you all a great 100th Stampede and a wonderful Summer.

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