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The Vineyard Fermentation Centre continues to grow.

Wow, hard to believe the summer is 1/2 over already. Days are getting shorter but the warm weather continues to make me glad I brewed up plenty of beer during the winter and spring. July was a very busy month for us here at the Vineyard Fermentation Centre. We expanded the showroom, put in new carpeting and installed all new shelving. This will allow us to open up the main areas of the store for promotions, receptions and classes.

There is still much work to do as we reorganize and stock up all the shelves but we hope to be done in time for a September Long weekend celebration and renovation sale. As we are still in the middle of summer and have some amazing weather to enjoy I will try to keep this newsletter short and to the point. We have a lot of wine kits on sale which won Gold medals in the 2012 WineMaker Magazine competition earlier this year. Follow this link to go to our website and see what is on sale for the month of August.

The Juices are coming

As in years past, we will be importing Sterile Juice musts again. There will be kits from France and Italy as well as a few from Chile. These will be done as a pre-order/prepay only and like last year, we'll most likely not have any spares or extras. Sales will be done via our secure server in conjunction with Paypal which means you can pay with Paypal or credit card online; this ensures safe and secure transactions. Keep and eye on the website around the middle of August for the launch.

Brewing News

It has been a while since we updated you on Beery things and with this wonderful weather that allows us to sit outside and enjoy a cold one, I thought it would be appropriate to update how our local Calgarians have done. In the May newsletter we updated Vancouver and Edmonton leaving only Victoria as the sole competition left in the 2012 Canadian Homebrewer of the Year competition. VIctoria saw Jeremy Cowan take Silver with his Strong Scotch Ale and Bronze with his Cream Ale while the Beer Geek managed to squeak out a Gold with his Berliner Wiesse and a Bronze for his Golden Strong Ale.

The final tally of the year for across canada competitions saw 3 Cowtown Yeast Wranglers in the top 10. Jeremy Cowan in 6th, Iain Morrish in 7th and Neil Bamford in 8th. Cowtown Yeast Wranglers placed second over all for club of the year.

The Vineyard Fermentation Centre is a very proud sponsor of the Cowtown Yeast Wranglers and what they stand for.....better beer bar none! Homebrewers are the foundation of the Craft Brewing Revolution; they are educating brewers and drinkers one beer at a time and loving it! If you care to join the revolution, we highly recomend that you join the Cowtown Yeast Wranglers and/or the AHA. Links to both can be found from our front page.

This year NHC was held in Seattle Washington. Through the Regina qualifier our Beer Geek had 6 eligible meads and ciders of which 5 were sent down for the final round along with a few of Jeremy Cowans beers. No one from Canada was able to bring some bling back across the 49th parallel but it was great to go there in person and participate in the conference. Three days of non stop learning from other homebrewers and pro brewers from across the US. There was a good contiginent of Pro and homebrewers from B.C. and Alberta in the crowd of 2000.



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