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Limited Edition Wine Kits

On November 7th we held our annual Gala LE Wine and Food Tasting. The evening was certainly the highlight of our year. We had Tim Vandergrift, Technical Services Manager as our guest speaker. Tim entertained and informed us about the wines featured in our 2012 Limited Edition Program. The Kensington Legion out-did themselves this year as we had some fabulous food samples to pair with the wine we tasted.

We had a good turnout, but I know some of you just could not make it that evening, SO we are going to hold an Open house Saturday, December 1 starting at 11am until 4pm. We will have some commercial examples of the Limited Edition offerings for sampling. Please RVSP this invite by emailing to

And do we have a special deal for you:

Everyone who orders three or more of the Limited Edition wine kits will automatically be entered into a draw to win their order (up to five LE kits) FREE. So place your orders now before the deadline, December 7th. You can order on-line by clicking here.

Each year Winexpert releases a unique collection of limited edition wines; an eclectic offering of one-off varietals from some of the world’s most renowned wine growing regions. This year several of the wines are Vineyard specific and one includes grape skins. These are your LE2012 varietals:

Argentine Malbec Bonarda $145
Argentine Torrontes $140
Portuguese Aragones Cabernet Sauvignon $145
Washington Riesling Chenin Blanc $140
Italian Nebbiolo with Grape Skins $160

You can read more about this special wine and download food pairing recipes on our webpages click here:

 The deadline to order our 2010 Limited Edition kits is ONLY two weeks away. Do not miss ordering these fantastic additions to you wine cellar. Order until December 7th, 2012.

Gift Ideas:

Finding the perfect gift for the winemaker and/or beer brewer in your life can be interesting, we have some suggestions for you:

Under $100

  • Premium 10 litre wine Kit
  • Fermentation Equipment Package
  • Floor Corker
  • Deluxe bottle capper
  • The Artful Winemaker; single vessel winemaking system

Under $50

  • BrewHouse all grain beer kit
  • Carboy 23 litre; PET and/or glass
  • Bottle draining tree and sulphitizer pump
  • Wine Decanter/Carafe
  • Books; “How to Brew”, IPA , Mead and more

Under $20

  • Autosyphon; self-starting syphon set
  • Wine Thief
  • Brushes; various sizes for bottles and carboys
  • Carboy Wedges; for tilting the carboy for complete racking
  • Wall mounted Bottle Opener: a must for every ‘man cave’.

And much more and do not forget we do sell Gift Certificates.

The Vineyard South Wine Guild

We had a great meeting on Nov 20th. Last year we started Vintner Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon kits and the contestants could do anything to the kit that they thought would make it better.

At our monthly meeting on November 20 we had our ‘project wines’ judged by Bill Rennie, the Chief Judge for the Alberta Amateur Winemakers association. And the results were:

Bonnie White was the winner and she had put blackberries in the must.

Marie Wagner was second and she used Amarone skins and the Sweet reserve method

James and Charlotte Neratko place third and they used some spices as well as topped up with olive oil - interesting.

Howie Gillis placed fourth

The next regular meeting of the Vineyard South Wine Guild will be Tuesday, January 15th at 7pm. The featured topic will be corks; how they are made and what kind to use. We invite you to join us and hopefully join our group of wine enthusiasts.

Learn 2 Brew Day

The Vineyard’s Beer Geek hosted a Learn to Brew day on Saturday Nov 3rd. This was a North American wide Learn to Brew day promoted by the American Homebrewers Association, of which we are proud supporters and members. About 12 people braved the cool damp day to experience all-grain brewing out in our parking lot. For the complete article click here to read all about it on our blog.

Blichmann Engineering Brewing Equipment

The Vineyard is now the Blichmann dealer for Southern Alberta! It has been a long time coming and thanks to all supporters who asked John Blichmann why Calgary was not on the Blichmann Engineering radar. Our Beer Geek met with John at NHC2012 in Seattle in June and he made it clear that Calgary was a place his amazing brewing and wine making products did not have a representative in,  but was well needed. We are extremely happy to announce that The Vineyard Fermentation Centre in Calgary is a dealership for Blichmann Engineering products. Read more

Vintners Reserve 10% 0ff

Hurry in to The Vineyard, as this is the last week that we will have ALL of the 10 litre Vintners Reverve kits featured.

These are 4-5 week wine kits. Easy to make and easy to enjoy, Vintners Reserve wines offer excellent quality flavours and aromas and there almost 30 available styles to choose from the great wine regions in the world. Click here for more information and the complete list of Vintners Reserve wine kits. Sale ends November 30.

Tom's Tips: a note on Port kits

We strongly recommend that you do not chapilize when fermenting your port kits. Chapilization is the method used to increase alcohol in wine. During the primary fermentation stage extra sugar is added to the must. It is done after the yeast has started and while it is still in healthy condition. If you added it at the very beginning the yeast could be overwhelmed and stalled by too high sugar level. Another issue is that if the suger is added too late in the fermentation process the alcohol level (that has already been produced) will also stall and even kill the yeast. So there is a very small window in which the vintner can introduce more sugar successfully. The main reason it is mentioned in some Port kit instruction, is so you may raise the alcohol in your finished product. Generally Ports are around the 18 to 20% level and the kits without chapilization will only reach about 16 to 17% but tradition Portuguese port is made with rich red wine which is then fortified with Brandy. So we strongly recommend you do the same; ferment your port kit out and THEN add a bottle of brandy to the finished wine when you bottle it. Cheers!

The Holiday Season is here: Please Remember to Drink Responsibly and Do Not Drink and Drive


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