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Beer Brewing Competition

Congrats to all the Cowtown Yeast Wranglers who entered and did very at the ALES Regina competition, Saturday April 13, 2013

Several Cowtown Yeast Wranglers did well in Regina bringing home Runner up Club of the year in addition to three Major Awards. Neil Bamford brought home 2 Gold, 2 Silver and 1 Bronze, followed by Jeremy Cowan with 2 Silver. Paul Heslop garnered 1 Gold & 1 Silver while Darrin Sayers and Rob Doerksen both gathered 1 gold each. Lee Hillman rounds out the medal count with a silver. Another great showing that will add 19 points to our club total in the CBotY race. Our own Beer Geek won Cider Maker of the year and Mead Maker of the year.

2013 Vanbrewer Awards - a very prestigious brewing competition
held annually on the west coast.

Some of our customers and members of the Cowtown Yeast wranglers did very well in this competition:

Darren Sayers won a first place for his Schwarzbier, Rob Doerksen also won a first place. Jeremy Cowan earned a first place and a second place for his beers. Paul Heslop won a third place for his Mild. Steve Cook earned a second place for his Wiesse.

Neil Bamford (our Beer Geek) earned two second placements and two third places for his beers.

The winner of the 2013 Golden Stag, Jochen Fahr for his beer "Villicht ’s Hochziitsbier" Weizen

The Vineyard Scoops up More Medals

Last weekend in April the Alberta Amateur Winemakers held their annual wine making competition. Entries come from around the province. This year our two wine clubs, Vineyard North Wine Guild and Vineyard South Wine Guild did very well.

Bill Rennie earned 3 Gold medals, 2 Bronze, Best of Show and Winemaker of the Year – way to go Bill.

Stephen Butt earned a Silver and 3 Bronze medals. Marilyn Chaisson took home 4 Bronze medals.

Jim Wagner won 1 Silver Medal and 5 Bronze. Marie Wagner also earned 5 Bronze medals. Lyman Warner got a Bronze. Tom Corbett earned 1 Silver and 2 Bronze medals. Neil Bamford took home 1 Silver and 6 Bronze medals. Neil (our Beer Geek) also earned Best of White with his Italian Pinot Grigio.

So we are very proud of our Vineyard Guild members who took home 34 medals, Best of White and Winemaker of the Year.

Tom’s Tip – Agglomerated Corks

For many years I have strongly recommended the synthetic corks made by Nomacorc. Recently some customers have started to experience a few of their bottles seeping a little after being laid down. The issue is with some corkers – the ‘iris’ jaws, which compress the corks – are creasing the skin of the cork. Usually leaving the bottle up right, after corking, allows the cork to swell or expand back to it’s original size and seals the bottle. But occasionally there is still a little seepage. I feel that for most of us (who consume our wine within 5 – 7 years) the agglomerated corks are great. There is large variety and quality of agglomerated corks on the market. Our agglomerated corks are made of top quality cork pieces which are held together with food grade resin. Be careful and be aware that they are not all equal – but The Vineyard only handles the best.

BARONS beer kit SALE

For the month of May we are featuring Barons beer kits. Buy one at the regular price and get a second beer kit for 25% off.

We have most of the Barons beer kits in stock, click here for more infomation.

sale ends Saturday June 1st.

Wine kit specials for MAY

World Vineyard California Pinot Noir $9 off

World Vineyard California Pinot Noir creates a lasting impression on the palate with an intense ripe-grape and black cherry aroma, accented by a spicy suggestion of cinnamon and mint. Medium-full bodied and rich but not heavy, it's perfectly balanced with alcohol acid and tannin working harmoniously, and has substantial flavour despite its delicacy. It has an appealing soft, velvety texture, like liquid silk gently caressing the palate. Sweetness: Dry | Body: Medium | Oak Intensity: Light

World Vineyard Washington Riesling $8.50 off

World Vineyard Washington Riesling has a distinctive floral and green apple aroma mixed with mineral elements from its Washington vineyard, giving it a brisk, 'racy' quality. Its high natural level of acidity enables it to balance a hint of residual sugar, setting off aromas of rose petal, apple, pear, peach and apricot and leading to a grand crisp finish of flinty mineral notes. Riesling is the longest-lived of all white wines. Sweetness: Off-Dry | Body: Medium | Oak Intensity: None

Vintners Reserve Merlot $8.50 off

Deep in colour, with black cherry and currant-berry aromas, the lush fruit of this wine meets soft appealing tannins and a perfect kiss of oak. Perfect with lamb, red meats and tomato sauce dishes.Sweetness: Dry | Body: Medium | Oak Intensity: Light

Vintners Reserve Chardonnay $8 off

Powerfully structured, this wine shows a crisp, minerally character and a refreshing floral aroma well-balanced by toasty smoke and vanilla notes, and a long complex finish that emerges with ageing.Sweetness: Dry | Body: Medium | Oak Intensity: Heavy

Chai Maison Merlot $6 off

Rich red in colour, this variety is soft, smooth and full of the berry fruit flavours that make it so popular.

Chai Maison Chardonnay $5.50 off

Bursting with fruit flavour within a distinct oak character. Exceptionally smooth and pleasing on the palate. A popular favourite.

NEW at The Vineyard

pH meters $84.95

High accuracy with 0.01 pH resolution two points, fast and accurate calibration. Usable with virtually any electrode that shares the same connector 3000 hours of battery life. HI 1270 small diameter probe fits easily into a test tube

The pH Checker® series supplies users with fast and accurate readings from 0 to 14 pH with a resolution of 0.01 pH. This compact tester features an easy to read LCD and simple to perform two point calibration.

The Checker® is fast, accurate, lightweight and with 3000 hours of battery life, you don't have to worry about frequent battery replacement.

'Bombers'  22 oz / 650 ml Amber Glass Beer bottles  $19.95 per dozen

Perfect size for summer time.

Grain Bags

Large grain bags (29”x29”) with draw string $9.95 Or a better buy a large grain bag (24”x24”) without a draw string $5.95

Both of these would be good for Brew in a Bag all grain procedures. Watch for more information on this procedure and photos coming soon on our web site. Click for a great article by Brad Smith

Help wanted

We are looking for 2 – 3 part time workers; starting immediately. This is great opportunity to join Calgary’s leading retailer of wine and beer making products and service for over 30 years.

If you are willingly to work weekdays on flexible shifts, able to physically handle stock and inventory, able to learn more about making beer and wine, we WANT to talk to you.

Contact us and send your history and availability via email:



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