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2013 Limited Edition Wine Kits

Thanks to you for helping to increase our volume sales; we are pleased to announce that we have lowered the price of the Limited Edition special Selection wine kits this year. For example last year the red LE with grape skins was $165 this year the regular price is now $155.

IF you pre-pay using our on-line order process; we will reduce the price by a further 10%. Click here for the on-line order form.

That means:

January: South African Shiraz Cabernet with grape skins – regular $155 – pre-pay $139.50

January: South African Viognier Chenin Blanc Rousanne – regular price $136 – pre-pay $122.40

February: Pacific Quartet (Chenin Blanc, Muscat, Gewurztraminer and Viognier) regular price $136 – pre-pay $122.40

March: Oregon Pinot Noir – regular price $141 – pre-pay $126.90

April: Red Mountain Cabernet Merlot – regular price $141 – pre-pay $126.90

The 2013 Limited Edition wine kits are on a pre-order basis only. Order Deadline is Friday December 6th. Click here to pre-order and /or pre-pay.

For more information on these terrific additions to your cellar please go to our webpage and click on the kit name above to watch the 2-3 minute video  on each wine, the grapes and where they come from.

Limited Edition 2013 - Wine Tasting Evenings

We are excited to announce that this year we are hosting three Limited Edition Tasting Evenings.

5:30pm to 8pm Wednesdays, Nov 20th, Nov 27th and Dec 4th. There will be information presented on the terrific 2013 LE offering. As well we will have some commercial examples for you to taste. We also will present some simple food pairings with each wine. You can go to and watch the LE 2013 videos as well as placing your order for these annually favourite premium wine kits. They are only available by pre-order.

There will be no charge but we do need to know in advance those attending so we do not run out of samples. To ensure your spot please RVSP (do not forget to include the number of people) to . We will contact you to confirm your choice and spot.

Vineyard Wine Guild

We had our first meeting in September and welcomed 4 new members. The October meeting featured Icewine and a Late Harvest wine. Thanks to Tom for doing the presentation on ice and dessert wine. We also watched a couple of videos on how ice wine is made. The real hit of the night was also thanks to Tom, as everyone seemed to love the Peach Ice Wine that he had made in 2010. We also watched the video’s on the new Limited Edition 2013 wines. Don’t forget to order them before Dec.6/13. Remember you can get 2 different ice wine style kits from The Vineyard, the Cab/Franc (the one Marie made) and a Riesling Icewine.

Our next meeting is Tuesday, November 19th - featuring a special presentation on Sherry by Bill Rennie, Chief Judge for the Alberta Amareur Winemakers.

Festa Brew West Coast IPA:

A strong, North American-style India Pale Ale with a pronounced malt character and abundant hop flavours and aromas. This wort has a flavour profile that is second to none in the realm of homebrewing and u-brewing. Deep gold in colour, this craftbrewed classic will please even the most discerning ale aficionado.

OG: 1.0560 – 1.0600, FG: 1.0120 – 1.0160,

Yeast: Safale US-05,

Bitterness: 42 IBU, pH: 5.04, Colour: 14 SRM

This special beer kit is an Annual Limited Release so pickup yours today before we run out.

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