The Vineyard Newsletter - 2010 Grape Juices at The Vineyard
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2010 Grape Juices from The Vineyard

We are again very pleased to offer these top quality grape juices and still at 2008 prices!!

They will arrive as sterile must in 23 litre plastic pails with instructions and all the necessary ingredients including yeast and clearing agent. They will not start fermenting in the pail until inoculated with the yeast - ensuring you the finest handcrafted wine. 

To place your order now - please click here for the complete price list and order form. 

note: if you do not have a 'pdf' reader you can download one FREE at

Then return your completed order via email, phone or in person to either location before September 16th. Make sure that you put your name and contact information on the form, as well as your preferred pickup location - I.E. either our North store or the South store.

pre-order deadline September 16th  Then the juices should start arriving in the stores starting October 14th.

Best Beer Brewing Supplier in Calgary

The Vineyard started suppling beer makers in 1983. "We turn beginners into experts".

We still carry the MOST comprehensive inventory of brewing supllies in all of Calgary.

Premium Beer Kits:

Festa Brew kits: full 23 litre wort

Brew House kits: 15 litres and just add 8 litres of water for a premium wort. Very flexiable, as you can "hack the kit" by adding your own special ingredients.

Barons kits: malt extract and yeast to make 23 litres

Brewing ingredients: click on each of the products to see our up to date stock.

  • hops
  • Malt grains - base malts and a wide variety of imported and special malts
  • Yeast - premium liquid yeast (Wyeast) and dried brewer's yeast
  • Beersmith Brewing software licenses

Supplies and Equipment

  • no-rinse sanitizers
  • co2 regulators
  • quick connects
  • o-rings
  • co2 cannisters (when available)

coming soon to The Vineyard

In September we are expecting a couple of very exiting new wines to be added to the Vintners Reserve World Series.

  • Chilean Carmenère/Malbec
  • Argentine Chardonnay/Torrontes

Be sure not to miss our Annual Limited Edition Wine Tasting event in the fall.

We have set the date as Friday November 19th, 2010. Place: Varsity Community. More details to come.


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Labour Day - Monday, September 4th

The South store will be open 11am to 4pm

The North store is closed


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