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$30 off

30th Anniversary SPECIAL

Our very own premium Selection Wine Kit “Range Ryder”

A Graves style wine which offers up a warm oak aroma and deep, full-bodied flavour of the most prestigious French wines. A blend formulated to allow for immediate enjoyment, Range Ryder nonetheless benefits from extended ageing. A startling yet smooth flavour, perfect with lamb, venison, hard cheeses and dark chocolate.

The regular price $130. Plus we are including 30 labels.

Made exclusively for The Vineyard to celebrate over 30 years as Calgary’s leading home wine and beer making supplier.

While quantities last Or until Offer ends May 30, 2014


     The Vineyard Two Bottle Wine Tote

    FREE to the first 200 customers starting April 22 




Oak Cubes

We are to please to announce that we now have a good inventory of oak cubes. These are excellent for infusing oak/vanilla flavour and aroma. Best used in the carboy after the first couple of rackings. The wine should be left on at least 50 grams of cubes for at least one month. The cubes are easy to remove - just rack the wine off. The cubes will remain in your carboy and you can then easily rinse them out. Be careful not to let them go down your drain and potentially create drainage issues.

Available now in two quantities: 100 grams for $4.95 or 500 grams for $18.95

Wine Making Workshop

Saturday May 10th 1pm to 4pm at The Vineyard Fermentation Centre

Do you know anyone who would like to learn how to make wine? Is it time for your family and friends to start making wine themselves?

We are running a Wine Making Workshop for beginners focusing on making wine from a kit. We will cover:

  • types and quality of wine kits.
  • the fermentation process
  • sanitation
  • bottling
  • lots of tips and techniques

The Winexpert ‘rep’ will be here to answer any of your wine kit related questions.

Cost is FREE but pre-registration is requested. Email



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