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Passport to Wine Summer Sale                                                   

We are pleased to offer some great premium wine kits at great price during our annual summer Passport to Wine sale.

This summer we are travelling to California in June, then to Italy in July and finally to Australia in August.

These Selection premium wine kits will be featured at 10% off from June 1 until June 30:

          • California Cabernet Merlot
          • California Merlot
          • California Cabernet Sauvignon
          • California Gewurztraminer
          • California Sauvignon Blanc
          • Eclipse Dry Creek Valley Chardonnay

Buy More & Save! 10% off the first featured wine, 15% off the 2nd and 20% off the 3rd. All kits must be purchased at the same time to qualify.


10% off Specials for May

World Vineyard kits: Washington Riesling and California Pinot Noir

Vintners Reserve kits: Chardonnay and Merlot 

We Did It Again

The 2014 Alberta Amateur Winemakers competition was held in late April.

Congratulations to Marie Wagner for winning 'Wine Maker of the Year' in the 2014 Alberta Amateur Winemakers competition. Marie also received 2 Silver for her Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel.  Her 5 Bronze medals were for her Gewurztraminer, Porto Corinto, Muller Thurgau, Vieux Chateau Du Roi, and White Merlot.
Marie has been working full time at The Vineyard for over a year now and we are very proud of her accomplishments.
We are also very proud of our two part-timers who also won medals in this year's competition: Craig Fleming won 2 Bronzes, Cabernet Sauvignon and Symphony. Lyman Warner received a Bronze for his Malbec/Shiraz.

The Vineyard Wine Guilds

In addition to the folks mentioned above more of our Guild members did very well in this year’s Alberta Amateur Winemakers competition.

From the North Vineyard Guild: Stephen Butt won 2 Bronze for his Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Joel Falk won 2 Bronzes for his Cabernet and Coffee Port. Marilyn Chiasson collected a total of four Bronze medals for her Marsannne-Viognier-Rousanne, Amarone, White Chocolate White Port and BlueBerry-Pomergranate White Merlot. She also won “Best of Red’ with her Amarone.

From the South Vineyard Guild: Emily Johnston received a Bronze medal for her Australian Shiraz. Howie Gillis received 2 Bronze medals for his Washington Riesling Chenin Blanc and his BC Pinot Noir.

Beer Competitions

These past few weeks has been very busy for our Beer Geek entering homebrew competitions. There was the CowTown Yeast Wranglers Roundup, Lethbridge Werthogs and ALES of Saskatchewan competitions. He earned Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in the Calgary event. In Regina he took home 2 Silver medals and then in Lethbridge he earned a Gold and 2 Silvers.

Well done everyone!

Tom’s Tip

Remember a few years back we ran a “what is it?” contest? Well nobody was able to identify the ‘carboy wedge’.

They are used to incline your carboy before and during racking. You should put one or two under your carboy of wine or beer the day before racking. Two wedges make it very stable, see photo. This will encourage the sediment to slide or move to the lower position; then you place your syphon in position to draw off the higher spot. This will maximize your liquid transfer and at the same time minimize the sediment into the next carboy.

Pick up a couple carboy wedges and trust me you will be glad you did. Only $2.95 each

Brew House IPA Beer Kits.

Good news – we were able to secure a good number of the India Pale Ale beer kits before the manufacturer increased the price.

We are holding our retail price for our IPA at $45 until this lot runs out. So hurry down and take advantage before they are all gone.

India Pale Ale was developed in England to withstand the long journey to India during colonization. Our India Pale Ale has a copper/golden color and medium aroma hops, with a slightly higher starting gravity and hop rates than our regular pale ale.

30th Anniversary SPECIAL $30 off  

Our very own premium Selection Wine Kit “Range Ryder”. A graves style wine which offers up the warm oak aroma and deep, full-bodied flavour of the most prestigious French wines. A blend formulated to allow for immediate enjoyment, Range Ryder nonetheless benefits from extended ageing. A startling yet smooth flavour, perfect with lamb, venison, and hard cheeses. The regular price $130. Plus we are including 30 labels.

Made exclusively for The Vineyard to celebrate over 30 years as Calgary’s leading home wine and beer making supplier. Only $100 after special discount.

We only have a very few of these left so hurry. Offer ends May 30 or until they are gone.    

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