Sorry the Deadline has past and sales are CLOSED

Annual Fall Juice Sale – 2013

Back by popular demand is our Great Fall Juice Sale. We have several excellent producers of 23L pure Sterile Juice!!!

We no longer need to buy refrigerated juices with the urgencies of starting them today. We no longer need to leave them in the carboy for 2 years to let them age. Quality is much more consistent and the consumer is getting a better product. Normally sterile juice is quite a bit higher priced than fresh but we have entered into an agreement with the producers to have a once a year Fall Juice Sale, with huge saving from the normal price.

ALL JUICES MUST BE PREORDERED AND PREPAID as we must prepay the producers to achieve these great savings.
As you can see by the following offering, we have a huge variety of juices from around the globe. Cut off date for the Juices is Sept 13 2013 and Delivery to the Vineyard should be around Oct 17 2013 but we will be contacting you as soon at they arrive.

Juices can be bottled in 6-8 weeks but will be greatly enhanced by continued aging of at least 6-9 months in the bottle. As in the past years we offer three different brands of juices for you to choose from. Below are the order pages where you can view the different types and add them to your cart. You can jump between the pages without having to check out.

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