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Weldless kits

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High Temp O-ring for weldless valve kits


High temperature o-ring for our newest weldless valve kits that require only one o-ring. O-ring measures 3/4" ID, and 1 1/4" OD.

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Kettle Weldless bulkhead connector kit


This product uses a 3/4" nipple. The total length is 2". This bulkhead is for kettles with a maximum wall thickness of 1/4". A pre drilled hole that is 7/8" in size is required for installation.

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SS Weldless Thermowell 3.5"


     This is a Stainless Steel Weldless Thermowell for installing on brew pots, keggles, fermentors, etc. Requires drilling a 7/8" hole for installation. Features two flat silicone sealing washers for both inside and outside of the application.
3.5" Probe length. Opposite the probe is a 1/2" Threaded Male connection with a 1/2" stainless steel backnut and 1/2" stainless steel coupler. With the inclusion of the coupler, you have the choice to add on either male or female connections for the thermowell. The stainless steel coupler can also be used as a wire shield for temperature controllers. Interior diameter of probe is .285", which fits all 1/4" diameter Johnson Controls or Ranco digital temperature probes (does not fit the E26 Controller probe).

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Weldless Cooler Kit (Stainless)


Replace the standard push-button type spigot on a Rubbermaid cooler with this sturdy ball valve. No modifications to the cooler are necessary - simply remove the old spigot, install the kit in the stock hole, and tighten the coupler on inside of cooler. Allows you to use cooler as a mash tun or hot water tank. 3/8" outlet barb is perfect for directly attaching tubing to perform transfers. Ball-Valve and all hardware is made from stainless steel and sealing o-ring is made from high-temp, food-grade rubber.

This is for replacement of Rubbermaid Cooler's stock spigots only.

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Weldless Spigot - Stainless


Do you have a kettle or cooler but would like the ease and convenience of using a ball valve to easily drain liquid? Are you a Do It Yourself Type person? At a fraction of the cost of having a spigot welded into your kettle you can drill a hole and install a weldless ball valve.

The problem with most weldless fittings is they are thrown together from assorted hardware. Common issues include leaking and lots of flex when you use the ball valve. These new weldless fittings feature are designed for brewing. There is no comparison to the weldless fittings of yesterday with their rock-solid feel and a solid leak free connection.

This unit is also unique in that it feature 1/2" female threads on the inside. This allows you to thread in various other fittings that you can see below. Want to later make a mashtun... no problem just thread in our stainless screen. want to fully drain your boil kettle? No problem, just add our kettle maximizer! This allows for unlimited flexibility.

Weldless kit includes a 1/2" Full Port ball valve and a 1/2" barb. All fittings are made from 304 type stainless steel for a lifetime of corrosion free use. Full installation directions included. Manufactured by Fermentap.

You will need to drill a 1" hole in your kettle for installation of this weldless spigot. We recommend a Step Drill Bit for this. To install in a cooler to make a mash tun look in the downloads area on the main menu.

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Weldless Whirlpool Arm assembly


Weldless Stainless Steel Whirlpool Arm with 1/2" Flow. Are you looking for clearer wort, quick chilling times and higher hop utilization during flame-out? This can all be achieved with the addition of a whirlpool arm on your brew kettle. 

This assembly is designed for installation underneath the handle of your kettle. Achieve the perfect whirlpool in the brew pot by simply connecting from a hose to your brew pump. Throttle flow, if needed, with the two piece stainless steel ball valve. 

Whirlpools will help settle trub in the center of your kettle, which makes it easier to pull clear wort from your draining ball valve. The whirlpool will result in a much higher efficiency if using an immersion chiller, this is due to increased turbulation of the wort. And for the hoppy beer lovers, the increased flow will give you higher extraction of hop oils and flavour during flame-out additions!

This is assembly is built for years to come with its 100% stainless steel design. Features a 1/2" full port ball valve and 1/2" barbs on both ends. Full half inch flow for consistency in most home brew system builds (1/2" valves & hoses). The bulkhead is a specifically engineered stainless steel part made for brewing! 

Requires drilling a 1" hole for installation for the bulkhead. We recommend a step drill bit for this.

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