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Vintner's Choice Activator™

The Activator™ has a minimum of 50 billion cells of pure, ready-to-pitch yeast, plus an internal nutrient packet. This package is designed to inoculate up to 5 gallons of juice or must.

Wyeast Laboratories, Inc. produces a variety of 100% Pure Liquid YeastTM  cultures for production of sweet and dry mead, metheglin, braggot, cyser, melamel, and pyment. The strains recommended for use in fermentation of all varieties of mead are typically wine yeast strains, however, some ale strains are also appropriate. Since honey, even more so than grape must, is deficient in nutrients essential to proper yeast cell growth and metabolism, additional Wyeast Vintner's Choice Nutrient Blend is recommended.


4184 - Sweet Mead™
4632 - Dry Mead™

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