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The Vineyard South Brewing Center is proud to be Calgary's go to location for top quality malts from around the world. In addition to our domestic malts from Canada Malting Co, Great West Malting, Rahr, Gambrinus, and Gilbertson & Page; we stock  a superb selection of British and European malts from renowned maltsters, including Bairds Malt and Thomas Fawcett & Sons, both U.K.-based, Malteries-Franco-Belges of France, Best Malz of Germany. By the pound or by the sack The Vineyard South Brewing Center is Calgary's number one Homebrew supply store.


For your convenience, we pre-package some of our grains/malts in 4 lb and 2 lb (un-milled), 2 lb, 1 lb, and 1/2 lb (milled) bags.  All of our grains are also available by the pound or by the sack (milled or un-milled). Prices vary so call or email for a quote. We welcome custom orders for recipes and ask that you email or phone those orders in the night before to ensure that your order is ready to go when you are. 

If you can't find the specific grain/malt you are looking for in the list below, we may have an equivalent from a different malting company (click here to check the Brewing grain substitution chart)

Our present stock consists of:

Acidulated Malt (1.5-3°L) from Best Malz
Reduces the pH of the wort. This results in improved enzyme activity of the mash, greater yield and flavour stability as well as a lighter colour and a balanced aroma in the finished beer.

Amber Malt (30-42°L) from Thomas Fawcett & Sons
This malt is a more toasted form of pale ale malt and is typically used in Brown Porter recipes. This malt has no diastatic power.

Brown Malt (52-65°L) from Bairds
Brown malt is a darker form of pale ale malt and is typically used in Brown Ales, Porters and Stout recipes. This malt has no diastatic power.

Black Malt [black patent] (500-600°L) from Bairds
Produced by roasting kilned malt at temperatures up to 482°F, this malt lends color and flavor to dark beers.

Blackprinz Malt (500°L) from Briess
Produced from hulless barley and functions as a 1:1 replacement to debittered Black Malt, but with smoother flavor. It contributes the same color characteristics as Black Malt but without the bitter, astringent, dry flavors or aftertaste. Use in Black IPAs, Black Lagers, Black Ales, Schwarzbiers and other beers for deep, rich color with only hints of subtle roasted flavor, and for color adjustment in any beer style.

Bow Valley Select  (1.7-1.9°L) from Canada Malting
Bow Valley Select is a premium 2-Row with excellent fermentability, high extract and was produced with the intention of connecting Alberta farmers across the province - Only avialable in Alberta.

Canadian 2-Row (1.5-2.1°L) from Rahr
Traditional, premium grade 2-Row malt made from the finest Canadian barley malt varieties. This malt is a suitable base for all beer styles.

Canadian Superior Pilsen (1.4-1.9°L) from Canada Malting
Produced from selected lots of premium Canadian grown Copeland barley, Canada Malting Superior Pilsen is low in total protein, high in extract and low in color which makes it a perfect base malt for lagers of all types.

Chocolate Malt (450-500°L) from Bairds
Made the same was as Bairds Black Malt, except that is roasted less to preserve a lighter color.

Pale Chocolate Malt (185-250°L) from Bairds
Less highly-roasted than regular chocolate malt. Will add dark brown color and a mild chocolate/coffee flavor to dark milds, stouts, and porters.

Crystal Pale (13-17°L) from Great Western Malt
The flavor is slightly sweet. It is usually used in very light colored beers such as Pilsners and Pale Ales to add body, malt flavor and a little color.

Crystal Light
(35-45°L) from Great Western Malt
A fully modified and saccharified 2 Row crystal malt roasted to a target color of 40 ASBC. A versatile malt providing moderate color and caramel flavor.

Crystal Medium
(70-80°L) from Great Western Malt
This 2 row malt is roasted to produce a color 75 ASBC. At this roasting level the toffee flavors join the caramel character for a more complex flavor.

Crystal Dark
(115-125°L) from Great Western Malt
As longer roasting times are used to reach colors of 120° ASBC, this crystal malt takes on a fairly intense toffee flavor but still avoids the burnt character of chocolate or black malts.

DextraPils (Dextrin Malt) (<1.5°L) from Great Western Malt
Use up to 5% for increased foam, improved head retention and enhanced mouthfeel in any beer style. Also know as Dextrin Malt or Carapils.

Flaked Barley 
from oio 
Pregelatinized. Use Barley Flakes as an adjunct in all-grain brews to produce a lighter colored finished beer without lowering the original gravity. Use in place of corn as an adjunct to eliminate corn flavor in the finished beer. Use at 10-25% of total grist to produce a light colored, mild flavored, dry beer.

Flaked Rye from Canada Malting
Mash Ready Rye Flakes will lend a dry, crisp character and a strong rye flavor. Can be used in amounts of up to 20% of grist total, but 5 – 10% is preferred. This is a pre-gelatinized flaked grain and does not require milling.
Temporarily out of stock

Flaked Maize 
from Bunge
Pregelatinized. Using Yellow Corn Flakes as an adjunct produces a lower color in the finished beer without lowering the original gravity.Yellow Corn Flakes produce a beer with a mild, less malty flavor. Yellow Corn Flakes produce a drier, more crisp beer. Use at a rate up to 40%.

Flaked Oats 
from Canada Malting
Pregelatinized. Use 5-25% of the total grist for an Oatmeal Stout. Use a small percentage in Belgian Wit Beers.

Flaked Wheat 
from Canada Malting
Will greatly increase head retention and body. Use at a rate up to 40%.

Flaked Rice 
from Canada Malting
Pregelatinized. Briess Rice Flakes produce a light, clean and crisp characteristic to the finished beer. Use up to 40% as a ceral adjunct in the total grist.

Golden Promise (2.3-3.0°L) from Thomas Fawcett & Sons
Golden Promise is a traditional Pale Ale Malt grown in Scotland. It produces sweet, mellow wort and is excellent for both brewing and distilling.

Honey malt
(15 – 20° L) from Gambrinus
This malt is similar in style to German “brumalt,” but with its honey-like taste and residual sweetness, it really doesn’t compare to any other malt. Best used in brown ales, porters and stouts.

Maris Otter
(2.5-3.5°L) from Thomas Fawcett & Sons
Maris Otter is a British barley malt variety known for producing beers with a full malty flavor.

Melanoidin Malt
(22-30°L) from Best Malz
Like Belgian Aromatic malt, Melanoidin malt will add an accentuated malt presence. This malt is most suitable for Amber and Dark lagers, Scottish, Red and Amber Ale and for “malt bombs” such as Doppel Bock.

(6-10°L) from Canada Malting
Produced in the traditional European method, Canada Malting Munich malt is made by “stewing” germinating 2-Row malt, then kilning it at 200°F, providing color and aromatics without introducing caramel/crystal flavors. This malt is a fantastic addition to amber and dark beers.

Oat Malt 
(2.3-2.9°L) from Canada Malting
Well modified for excellent milling performance, low Beta-Glucan, and quick Lauters. High Haze for internally cloudy beers.
The perfect malt for North-East IPA or Belgian Wit.

Czech Pilsen 
(1.8-2.2°L) from Country Malt Group
Our only Pilsner malt from the  Czech Republic; has all the flavour you could want in a Bohemian Pilsner beer.

German Pilsen (1.6-1.8°L) from Best Malz
Light in color and low in total protein, MFB Pilsen malt is produced from the finest European two-row barley. This malt is extremely well modified and can easily be mashed with a single-temperature infusion.
Temporarily out of stock

 Rye Malt (1.8-3.2°L) from Canada Malting
At a rate of 10-20%, Canada Malting Rye will lend an interesting gratingly, slightly spicy flavor. As is true of malted wheat, malted rye is higher in protein, higher in beta-glucans and is without an outer hull which can lead to a very sticky mash prone to settling. We suggest brewing with a portion of our Canada Malting rice hulls in your mash to help loosen your grain bed.

Rauch German
(Smoked) Malt (2.5-4.0°L) from Best Malz
Malt that has been smoked over Beachwood, Best Smoked Malt will deliver the typical “Bamberg” smoked beer flavor made famous by breweries Schlenkerla and Spezial.

Roasted Barley
(550-650°L) from Bairds
Produced by roasting barley at temperatures up to 482°F. Roasted Barely will lend a deep, dark color and a sharp, dry flavor.

Special Aromatic
(3.5-5.0°L)  from Malteries Franco-Belges
Specially designed for MFB’s Belgian brewers; similar to Aromatic or Biscuit Malt. Selected French 2-row barley undergoes a particular malting process which favors the development of a very pronounced malt aroma. This malt will lend a pleasant aromatic malt taste, reinforced by a soft and mellow mouthfeel.

Superior Pale Ale 
(2.7-3.5°L) from Canada Malting
Higher colour than regular base malts. Well modified, aromatic and great for all types of Ales.

Victory Malt 
(28°L) from Bairds
A biscuit Malt. Well suited for Nut Brown Ales & other dark beers. Its clean flavor makes it equally well suited for ales and lagers alike. Use in small amounts to add complexity to lighter colored ales and lagers.

Vienna Malt
(3-5°L) from Great Western Malt
Vienna malt is produced from carefully selected barley which is processed under a proprietary germination and specialized kilning process. The result is a malt that will reinforce the light Golden” color of beer and will bring out a pleasant malt taste with extra mouth feel. This malt is an excellent addition to red lagers of all types including Vienna, Marzen and Amber.

(1.5-2.5°L) from Canada Malting
Made with superior grade white wheat for the production of traditional German Wiessbier and American Wheat Beer. This malt can also be used for added head retention and mouth-feel in any beer.

Wheat - Raw/Unmalted from Red Shed Malting
Unmalted Wheat is a raw wheat grain and has a strong grain flavour with a very light straw color. Used in many traditional Belgian styles to add flavour.


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